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      Ouriginal的主要用戶來自北歐和德國。Turnitin官方作為全球化的公司,在澳大利亞、印度、印度尼西亞、日本、韓國、墨西哥、荷蘭、菲律賓、烏克蘭、英國和美國設有辦事處。超過16000家學術機構、出版商和公司都在使用Turnitin官方。此次收購擴大了Turnitin在歐洲和世界地區的業務范圍,能為世界更多地區的學術誠信發展保駕護航。  該交易經監管部門批準并符合慣例的成交條件。

      Ouriginal CEO關于Turnitin官方收購Ouriginal的聲明:

      November 30, 2021

      Statement from Ouriginal’s CEO on the Acquisition of Ourginal Through Turnitin

      Joining Forces to Promote Originality and Fairness in Learning

      Dear All,

      In March, I notified you about an intended acquisition of Ouriginal through Turnitin. Today, I am excited to confirm that the deal has been closed, and from today on, Ouriginal is formally a part of Turnitin.

      Joining Turnitin is a milestone for the company. It enables more customers around the world to access Turnitin and Ouriginal’s solutions for safeguarding academic integrity and enticing original thinking worldwide.  

      Why? The Benefits of Joining the Turnitin Group

      Ouriginal has a proven track record of delivering high-quality, cutting-edge, and reliable solutions for education. In this next chapter, we expand on our ability to develop and maintain the solutions our customers need today and into the future.

      Combining forces with an organization that shares the same goals will ensure we adapt faster to change, keep pace with evolving academic integrity needs and develop solutions that support educators and students around the globe – as this is our legacy and expertise.

      What Does That Mean for Our Service Offerings?

      Customers will experience no change in our services and will continue to work with the existing Ouriginal team and services for the foreseeable future.

      Our ongoing integration planning will be centered in providing the best product and customer support to our expanded customer base together as one organization.

      It has been a rewarding and successful journey for Ouriginal so far, and we are excited to continue our journey as part of Turnitin. We are convinced that together, we can make an impact in education and beyond.  

      Thank you for your trust and loyalty over the last years – and we are looking to continue offering quality services to you in the future.

      Best regards,

      Andreas Ohlson

      CEO Ouriginal Group AB


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